Block Game: Mine, Craft And Drive

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Are you a big fan of building and crafting games? Then this construction game is a perfect match for you! Jump in one of the cars: Pixel car, Policer, Gold Miner, Taxer and start playing! Enjoy building blocks, mine, craft, drive and explore! MISSION In the end of each level is a teleport. You have to reach it to get into the next level. In the first levels we will guide you through different blocks craft trails so you won’t confuse and get the idea how to play it. We are sure that after a few levels you’ll become a great block builder so you could build blocky highway in minutes! Collect crafting and building tools, golden keys - they will help you during the trip to portals.

UPGRADES Level up your gameplay experience! During this block build game you will have various opportunities to get gold. Use it to buy new tools, upgrade car features and reinforce enormous explosions! MAP Start block craft from grassy hills theme, then explore lava, sand, ice, beach and water worlds. You can overcome 66 levels - one after another or stay longer in 6 endless exploration modes where you can blockcraft without any limits. Your progress will be saved automatically. CARS Become a car builder and have your own virtual car factory! Build blocky cars: add custom wheels, bumpers, flags, spoilers, wings and other crazy things! Build a car like no one has the same. Enjoy car craft - you can drive with different cars in each level! KEY FEATURES ◆ Customizable blocky cars - endless modifications ◆ Amazing crafting, building and driving experience ◆ 66 themed levels + 6 endless exploration modes ◆ Great mining and building tools ◆ Furious enemies

CONTROLS If you love blocky games and like to spend hours in pixel world, then you will soon become a master of this game. ◆ MOVE your pixel car forward and backward with arrow buttons on the left ◆ JUMP with the button on the right ◆ MINE with green pickaxe button ◆ BUILD with violete hammer button NOW IT'S YOUR TURN Download this fun game and enjoy each minute of pixel craft. Improve your building and crafting skills. Build blocks your way - the sky is the limit. Share the excitement with your friends and family members!

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