Dino Robot Wars: City Driving and Shooting Game

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Oh no, giant mech dinosaurs are attacking our peaceful city! They are destroying buildings, frightening citizens and setting all things on fire. Only dinomatrons can save the city and bring back the order. Become a brave dinosaur shooter and help us! Choose your favorite robot car, transform it to the powerful dinosaur robot and start fighting!

BECOME A REAL HERO If you are a big fan of robot racing and dinosaur shooting games, this game is a perfect combination for you! Chase one dinosaur robot after another, explore the city and fight in dino battle to defeat enemy dinosaurs. Your mission is full of risk and danger! You will have to drive through dark tunnels, moving constructions and road traps. Avoid enemy dinosaurs, their lasers and explosive obstacles. Become the best dinosaur robot master to win a robot war! DOWNLOAD NOW! Build your own transforming car which can turn into furious robot dinosaur! Pick your favorite color, wheels and other parts to make your car look and feel unique. Download this fun robot adventure and dinosaur hunt game to attend in extraordinary dinosaur war.

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