4x4 Buggy Race Outlaws

July 27, 2018

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If you love offroad games, this one is your perfect match! Choose your favorite beach buggy or rock crawler and enjoy dirt racing! During the race you will meet bandits, criminals and even nasty pigs. They are robbing people, litter the beach and misbehave. Become the secret agent, policeman or lifeguard to bring back the order. Shoot with fruits and arrest all outlaws! 



  • Customizable 4x4 off road buggies and quads

  • Special characters as racers

  • 2 beach buggy racing worlds

  • A great variety of off road racing tracks

  • Mini games for short breaks: Balloon pop, Puzzles, Memory game, Coloring book, Match shapes


Most offroading games have complicated controls. So we made them simple.


  • Move buggy with GO button on the right

  • Make some cool stunts during buggy racing with ARROW buttons

  • Shoot fruits with TARGET button



Download this fun off road outlaw game to explore tricky race tracks and make funny car stunts. Avoid huge stones, road gaps and traps, explosive barrels and boxes. Improve your racing skills and become one of offroad legends. Now you can be the racer which you was dreaming about as a kid! Join coast guard to get all these bandits and criminals arrested. Make the beach clean, attractive and out off any outlaws!

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