Robots Vs Zombies

July 11, 2018

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Welcome to ancient Egypt! Egyptian mummies came out of they graves and made a chaos on a desert! They paired up with zombies, giant kittens, crocodiles and enemy robots to occupy and rule the land. Become a brave hero, fight against villains and defend the occupied desert.



◆ CAR to ROBOT transformations - you decide when to race with car and fight with robot
◆ Customizable cars - endless modifications
◆ Epic fights against mummies and zombies
◆ Mini games - for short relaxing breaks


◆ Move forward with GO button
◆ Control car or robot with ARROW buttons
◆ Win the battle with TARGET button used precisely



Drive robot car. When you spot the enemy, transform car to robot and start the battle. Become one of the best zombie hunter. Be careful - enemies use different kind of spells, laser weapons and hidden powers. Dare to drive in dark tunnels, take teleports to shorten your way to the victory. Overcome various obstacles with robot car or tackle enemies down with transformed robot. Try to avoid laser beams and make some sudden attacks.


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