Miami Street Traffic Racer

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THE RACE GAME WHICH YOU WILL DEFINITELY LIKE Do you like speed? Do you enjoy spending your free time in garage modifying your vintage rusty car? Then this game is for you, yes for you, ghost rider, car builder dreaming of car tuning and night race. What could be better than spending your time playing amazing car chase game which takes place in greatest city where fast and furious drivers live, Miami.

THE MOST ENTERTAINING CAR RACING GAME Night Racing: Miami Street Traffic Racer is the best mobile sport car racing, car tuning game you, a future car builder, night racer need. In this game you drive your modified car in cockpit view through the endless Miami city traffic with other stock cars. Through flames of burning cars, explosions and raging water flows, make your way to the finish line. Be careful, don’t break your car and don’t let other drivers be faster than you . Choose one of sports cars: Diamond; Sunset Flames; Sparkle or Acid. Go crazy, go fast, no worries, cops will not disturb you, here you can drive as quick as you want, here are no limits for your sport car. Become a ghost rider and take part in crazy night race, performing crazy speed stunts and beat other stock cars flipping and jumping in this stunts race. Take part in racing car crashes. REALISTIC ENVIRONMENT AND REAL CAR ENGINE SOUND Explore crowded and colorful Miami streets, enjoy the fun of fast and furious real speed night race adventures in fast-paced racing of sport cars. High speed car racing with extremely high quality of graphics and real engine sound. This best racing game lets you become not only night racer, but car builder improving your car engine, getting new wheels or a new driver aka night racer , becoming ghost rider with modified car taking part in crazy stunts race, doing speed stunts to cross finish line first. Collect coins in this night race make modified car and become the winner, let crowd scream your name and call you the greatest night racer. ACHIEVEMENT MODE Steer your modified car at unimaginable crazy speed , giving you the heart pumping and enthralling experience with speed stunts in this stunts race. Test your determination in sport cars racing, reflex and driving skills in heavy traffic of sport cars and have extreme fun on high speed in amazing car race simulator. Try to complete it successful with the best time and you will be king of the road of Miami city. Improve your car racing and drifting skills and keep customizing your cars as you get new ones after playing some game levels. KEY FEATURES OF ENDLESS CAR RACING GAME 1. Easy and fun to play with modified car 2. Interesting Game Play, easy to learn, simple to master sport car. 3. High Tech sport cars, which you can modify, improve driver’s appearance and even your machine color. 4. Interesting characters, amazing drivers, super entertaining obstacles. 5. Fire, explosions, cheering crowd at the finish line, all what you missed in other racing games.

AMAZING CAR STUNT POSSIBILITIES Become skilled car builder , do your car tuning , let your car do speed stunts in this car race, turn into night racer and become the winner in real city stunts race. Do amazing flips and jumps with your sport car, avoid car crashes and be attentive, there are lots of obstacles on your way to crossing finish line, don’t let others get golden goblet, be the one who owns it. Enjoy perfect graphics, choose your character and customize it, you could be anyone here and drive any car you want to, just collect some more coins and free to get more modifications for your sport car. Concentrate, be careful and watch on falling stones, coconuts and bowling balls on, drive as fast as you can your modified car. Become as cool as Fast and Furious guys. If you are an ordinary person at day and a ghost rider at night. If you dreaming of becoming a car builder. If car tuning and free racing games is your passion, than this night race simulator is perfect for you!!

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