Ninja City Tokyo Drift: Clumsy Ninja Chasing Cars

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We are looking for the best ninja warriors to fight against Tokyo invaders - robots and soldiers. Hop in a city car, drive on neon roads, over the roofs and through secret tunnels. Become super ninja and best shuriken master. Shoot city villains with ninja stars, overcome racing rivals and vin the Tokyo street racing championship! Go ninja go for the final combat!

SUPER CARS If you want to win Tokyo street racing championship, choose one of ninja warriors city car: Sakura, Stealth, Jitsu and Hiroshi-san. We know that super ninja deserves super cars! So that’s the reason why we armed all shinobi cars with ninja stars. Feel free to use shuriken weapons as much as you need! Control funny cars, make fun ninja jump and crazy car stunts. AWESOME TOKYO STREET RACING EXPERIENCE Go ninja go and have tons of fun while attending in Tokyo street racing championship. Turn on city car and dare to drive on burning roads and moving constructions. Improve ninja fighting skills, discover new ways to fight with ninja stars, perform top-notch ninja jump and become one of legendary ninja warriors! Show off your super ninja abilities while throwing shuriken weapons or driving super cars of ninjas. Ride on giant balls and through neon rings. Shinobi is known for his secret super powers. Go ninja go to reach the finish line first and get the reward you really deserve! SIMPLE NINJA GAME CONTROLS This fun ninja fighting and ninjas racing game is a free to play. Ask your friends and family members if they want to become super ninja or shuriken masters. Play this ninja game together and compete to each other. ◆ Ready, set, Ninja GO with the start button and move super cars forward. ◆ Use ARROW buttons to make ninja jump, shuriken tricks and city car flips. ◆ Use TARGET button to throw ninja stars. ◆ Do not forget to come back every day to COLLECT COINS. Use them to get a new shinobi cars and unlock new ninjas racing worlds. Play this fun ninja game, customize cars and make car tuning before each level. Pay attention that all shinobi cars are fast and made for ninja fighting! WHAT TO EXPECT: ◆ Exciting ninja game ◆ Amazing ninja fighting and racing experience ◆ Brave ninja warriors ◆ Superior ninja jump ◆ Sneaky ninjas

If you had a dream to become a secret ninja as a kid, you can do it today. Hop in a car and start fighting!