Sports Cars Racing: Chasing Cars on Miami Beach

April 27, 2018

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Miami Beach never sleeps. It’s full of action, adventures and fun activities. Feel the free spirit of the city - join fast paced Miami city racing championship! Push the gas pedal and overcome all your racing rivals.


Try out different super cars : luxury cars, exotic cars or custom cars. At the beginning of Miami city racing you can choose from four cool cars: Evolution, Stang, Coupe or Stinger. But if you want level up your car driving experience, make unique cars. Become a car mechanic or car designer. Customize cars and try out loads of different modifications. Have your own virtual car factory or car garage. It’s so fun to ride with custom car! Try car tuning feature and enjoy modified cars. 




Only elite racers can attend in prestigious Miami city racing championship. Prove you are among them! Become one of the best urban racer in the world. Improve your racing skills in this driving simulator and leave your racing rivals far behind you!


Drive cool cars on Miami routes, overcome your racing rivals and finish the race first! Challenge yourself in this intense racing. Smash cars, avoid mass explosion, blow up all the obstacles that prevent you from victory. Race in three worlds: Miami beach, Palm beach and Tampa bay. City racing will be hold on casual routes, metal constructions and other extremely dangerous race tracks. Your urban racer has to concentrate and focus on car driving. Try all super cars : luxury cars, exotic cars or custom cars and find which ones suits you best! 


This car driving game is a free to play. Invite your friends and family members to play driving simulator together.

◆ Ready, set, GO with the start button and move cool cars forward. 
◆ Use ARROW buttons to make funny car stunts, front and back flips.
◆ Use TURBO button to reach max speed in seconds!

Drive all kind of super cars : luxury cars, exotic cars or custom cars. All of them are powerful and made to intense racing! 


◆ Fast pace driving simulator game
◆ Simple controls of super cars and luxury cars
◆ Intense racing
◆ Unforgettable racing experience
◆ Endless variety of custom cars and exotic cars



Driving simulator is good for learning to STIMULATE your reaction, DEVELOP hand-eye coordination, self-preservation and self-control. Enjoy driving cool cars and IMPROVE problem solving, quick decision making and flexible thinking skills.


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