Automatrons 2: Robot Car Transformation Race Game

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Welcome to Action city! A while ago it was peaceful place where humans and robots live together in harmony. The powerful king Titan ruled the city. At that time all the citizens were happy and helpful for each other. But recently Action city was occupied by the evil Deceptitron invaders and king Titan was taken out of power. Now people of Action city are looking for a new brave hero, who can fight the invaders, bring back the peace and king Titan to his throne. TRANSFORM SPORT CARS TO ROBOTS There are 4 volunteers - Automatrons. These sport cars have the ability to transform to robots and fight with enemies. Choose your favorite one: Lantern, Nightbeat, Breaking Wave and Magma. Lead them to robot fighting attacks and try to defeat the city! Make king Titan proud of you.

MISSION OF ROBOT FIGHTING Choose one of sport cars, explode all the obstacles on the roads and focus on robot fighting! Remember that you have the special power to transform sport cars to robots. Drive the car and try to avoid Deceptitron invaders. When you see enemies, transform your car to robot and start shooting. Deceptitron invaders are good fighters. Do not give up - when you get tired of car racing, start robot fighting. CONTROLS Drive futuristic cars, enjoy this awesome robot game and learn how to control cars and robots. ◆ Ready, set, GO with the start button and move futuristic cars forward. ◆ Use ARROW buttons to make incredible stunts, front and back flips. ◆ Use ROBOT button to transform futuristic cars to robots and start shooting your enemies. This robot game is a free to play. Take care of futuristic cars, avoid lasers and beat the giant robot boss at the end of the game. WHAT TO EXPECT: ◆ Well crafted sports cars ◆ Smooth gameplay ◆ Simple controls ◆ Full of action robot game ◆ Exceptional emotions

EDUCATIONAL VALUE Robot game is good for learning to STIMULATE your reaction, DEVELOP hand-eye coordination, self-preservation and self-control. Enjoy car-to-robot transformations and IMPROVE problem solving, quick decision making and flexible thinking skills. MINI GAMES Need a short break from robot fighting? Get some rest and play these funny mini games: Balloon Pop, Puzzles, Memory Game, Coloring book and Match Shapes.

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