Zombie Survival Games

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Welcome to post-apocalyptical world where zombies replaced most people and live their own life in a mess & chaos. There were thousands tank battles before but none were successful for human race. This battle is the last and we are looking for a brave hero to defend this land. Zombie road trip keeps going. Monsters are coming to destroy the army and take over the world! Become the legendary zombie shooter: jump in a battle tank and start smashing these green monsters! Can’t imagine your spare time without survival games? Than join our small army and help us to clean up Zombieville out of zombies!

BATTLE TANKS Nobody says survival games are easy, but give it a try! Choose your favorite battle tank: Zombie Smasher, No Brainer, Destro 77 or Shooternade. All tanks are fully armored and ready for the most important battle of this age: tanks vs zombies. Drive through the Zombieville and smash all monsters. AWESOME ZOMBIE SHOOTER EXPERIENCE Zombieville is the last place where it is still possible to survive. Take your battle tank to destroy all obstacles and go over massive explosions. Stay alive in this crucial survival game. Be careful of zombie road gaps, moving constructions and dark tunnels. Go further with your battle tank despite rain, snow or mud. You are the last Zombieville hope who can set the end of zombie road trip. CONTROLS There are 4 control buttons in this zombie shooter game: GO, FIRE, 2 ARROW buttons. ◆ Ready, set, GO with the button on the right. ◆ Use ARROW buttons to do cool front and back flips. ◆ Start shooting with FIRE button and do not let the zombie road trip to continue. ◆ Come back everyday to COLLECT COINS. Use them to get a new battle vehicles and unlock new worlds. WHAT TO EXPECT: ◆ Smooth gameplay ◆ Zombie road trip adventures ◆ Highly-crafted tanks & other vehicles ◆ Furious zombies and monsters ◆ Simple controls ◆ Exceptional emotions

EDUCATIONAL VALUE This tank survival game is good for learning to STIMULATE your reaction, DEVELOP hand-eye coordination, self-preservation and self-control, IMPROVE problem solving, quick decision making and flexible thinking skills.

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