BEHIND THE GAME: Ekaterina “It’s awesome when the characters I draw comes alive in game!”

Tiny Lab Kids and Ekaterina Shestakova - 2D artist from Russia teamed up for another great racing game - Bike Race Game: Traffic Rider Of Neon City. The game became popular from the day it was available on Google Play Store. We think that great art leads to the great game.

Ekaterina, can you introduce yourself, please.

Hello! My name is Ekaterina Shestakova, I’m 26 years old and I'm working and living in Russia, Barnaul. Once I decided that working in the office does not suit me, I started working as a freelancer, and now I'm here.

It was pleasure to work with you! Can you tell us more about your passion for art?

I've always loved drawing and since childhood, I've known that it will be my profession. I worked in various spheres of illustrations, such as advertising, book publishing, packaging, but most of all I am inspired by the design of video games. I am delighted when I see the end result of my work, which comes to life in games.

Are you somehow related with racing?

I drive a car and even drove a motorcycle a couple of times, but I prefer to watch races on TV or race in the games. In order to understand what I'm working on, I played several Tiny Labs games. And I really loved it.

Nice to hear it. What inspired your drawings for this neon themed racing game?

As many could see the design of this game is made under the impression of the Tron movie.

Can you share your experience while working with us?

It was cool to create vehicles and bikers. I took great pleasure in choosing the shapes and colors, really exciting. So it was necessary to create a suitable environment. I looked through a bunch of concepts for inspiration, the result you can see in the game. I would also like to highlight the characters for the backgrounds. This was a very interesting task because they have to move in the game and it's awesome. I was so passionate about the process that I could forget about eating or sleeping.

I was happy to work on this project, with this team. These guys make amazing games and it's awesome to be a part of that.

Thanks Ekaterina for helping us create game that kids really enjoy! We wish you all the best in your future projects!


Bike Race Game: Traffic Rider Of Neon City

Download this game:

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