Meet The CEO, Who Owns The Collection Of More Than 260 Cool Cars

You probably expected, that I will introduce you to one of the richest man in the world who wants to show off his great collection of luxurious cars? But today I want to introduce you with Jonas Abromaitis, CEO of Tiny Lab Kids - one of game studio co-founders. Jonas’ vehicles are virtual and it is not possible to ride with them on regular roads, but their design is impressive and they make incredible stunts on virtual racetracks.

Collection of extraordinary cars

After more than 70 racing games were released, Jonas counted 260 unique vehicles in his virtual garage. There are many racing cars, trucks, bikes, trains, tanks and even spaceships. They are all open for racing enthusiasts. With emergency cars kids becomes doctors, firefighters or police officers and racing to save people lifes or stop crime. Fans of motor bikes choose classical, sport or motocross bikes and race in jungle, Wild West or try winter sport tracks. These who like to ride with trucks to have racing skills are not enough. They have to have transportation practice and bring cargo safe to warehouses. To do so on desert, ice or forest roads is not so easy and quite complicated; but we know that kids love challenges and they do great at racing. Children have unlimited fantasy thus they willingly choose vehicles that are not existing in real world. The most important aspects for kids is that all vehicles look attractive, they are fast and great at racing.

Breathtaking racing experience

Tiny Lab Kids started to create racing games in 2012. Jonas visited his 2 year old nephew who asked for a game with cars. Jonas searched for it and could not find one. At that time racing games were suitable for teenagers and adults. These games for kids and toddlers were not interesting and too complicated. For this reason Jonas and his colleague Valdas decided to create fun racing game for kids. They made one, named “Fun Kid Racing” and put on Google Play store. The game caught parents attention and became very popular. After a great success and international recognition the company created more than 70 game versions which varies on different stories, environments and vehicles. At this moment “Fun Kid Racing” has over 15 million downloads and his sequel versions have crossed 90 million worldwide downloads milestone.

Jonas is joking that, “Parents probably are jealous for their kids who are racing with different cars each day. One day they are excited to drive with a transporter on ice road, the next day they attend in a city drag championship and on the third day they race on the Jungle roads and make incredible stunts with motocross bikes.” Jonas and his team are happy to provide a great racing experience that kids can easily enjoy.

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