Desert Rally Trucks

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You are the only one who can drive a cargo truck on extremely dangerous desert roads!

Prepare for unbearable heat, sand storms and rocky roads!


Let the journey begin! Choose one of four vehicles: Red star, Rattlesnake, Cactus or Camel Ride and become a skilled cargo truck driver.


On this truck driving game you will get over hills, mountains and cliffs or even through tunnels or factory’s pipes. Be careful - explosive electric wires, rusty barrels and moving constructions ahead! If you will get into sand storm, your truck will drive slower. But do not give up and always move forward!


In this fun truck simulator game enjoy the landscape of sand dunes and local wildlife! Say hello to caravan that passing by, take a fresh water from green oasis. When you will come close to old factory, do not be afraid to ride through rattling pipes or get over massive constructions.


As a cargo truck driver be helpful to everyone you meet. On the road to warehouse you will meet some local animals: meerkats, desert fox and rabbits. Be nice and kind to them, because they will help you to take your truck out of sand hollows or water pools. If the waterman will ask you for a ride, pick him up and take to oasis for a fresh water! Later on he will help you to overcome a ferry.


As a master cargo truck driver, you will experience how to overcome rough roads, shoot down underground beasts and deliver undamaged cargo! If you will deliver an undamaged load, you will get more bonus coins!


Have fun while playing this extraordinary truck driving game! Drive with cool trucks and do not forget to come back everyday to collect coins.


Use GO button to drive forward, BACK button to drive backward in this truck driving game and ARROWS to tilt your supertruck!


Play this adventurous truck simulator game and STIMULATE your reaction, DEVELOP hand-eye coordination, self-preservation and self-control, IMPROVE problem solving, quick decision making and flexible thinking skills.