Space Race - Speed Racing Cars

June 21, 2017


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Hello spaceship pilot, are you ready for an adventurous star racing game? If yes, then hop in your favorite spacecraft, start the engine and compete in the greatest cosmic race! This is the best space game with futuristic spaceships, UFO creatures, cool star racing levels and great spacecraft driving experience.





◆ Choose your favorite spacecraft from numerous spaceships to fly: Lone Star, Gazer Beam, Star Killer or Aquarius.

◆ As an experienced spaceship pilot perform cool stunts and flips while racing in the best space game! Jump through hazardous death loops and  flaming rings of fire!

◆ Get ready for an unforgettable star racing journey through the mystical alien land. Control your spaceship on a moving constructions, steep hills, mud marshes, toxic liquid swamps, water lakes,  fire pits and more!

◆ Avoid exploding boxes and bombs, watch our for gigantic volcanic stone balls or toxic jelly balls and hide from a meteor shower! Avoid these obstacles, otherwise it will block your way and slow you down.

◆ Watch out for green vortexes! They will bring UFO creatures near you!

◆ Explore mystical alien land, discover unique plants and animals.

◆ Find secret racing paths full of golden coins. Collect them and buy new spaceships or unlock new racing worlds!

◆ Enjoy smooth controls: click acceleration pedal to move forward and arrows to keep the balance or flip the car if you get stuck upside-down.

◆ Explore two engaging star racing worlds: Venus and Mars and complete 24 adventurous space game levels!

◆ Enjoy the realistic, physics-based, anti-gravity spaceship driving experience.

◆ This game has everything from fun and dynamic gameplay, colorful environment, beautifully animated characters to appealing alien music and funny sounds that will keep you entertained for hours!

◆ This space game is created for families but can be easily played by kids too!





Play this rocket car racing game and learn multiple skills! Stimulate your reaction and hand-eye coordination, develop problem solving, quick decision making and flexible thinking skills, improve self-control.



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