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Meet Olga, a talented 25 years old artist from Ukraine who created an adorable game - Prehistoric Run Racing! We asked her a few questions about her experience in creating this adventurous racing game. So, wait no more, download this beautiful game and read a short story about this great Tiny Lab Kids artist.

Hello, Olga. Please shortly introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Olga Merkulova, I am 25 years old. I was born in Ukraine where I had received my first experience in the game industry as a 2D illustrator. Several years ago, I moved to Russia. And now, I am working here as a freelancer.

What inspires you as an artist?

Inspiration and encouragement for my further works comes from the process when my virtual world becomes alive. Also I like to look for inspiration in video games.

And what is your favorite game?

Currently my favorite game is "The Witcher 3". I am impressed by the extensive work done by the developers. Also I like to play racing games.

So you probably were really happy to create game graphics for one of Tiny Labs racing games? Tell us more about this game.

This game is about caveman's racing in a Prehistoric World. The player has to select his favorite ancient car from 4 given ones and drive to win the greatest Stone Age race!

And what was your favorite part when working on this game?

Most of all I liked creativity freedom. Tiny Lab game studio didn't limit my opportunities, thank you so much for this.

And what was the most challenging part?

The biggest challenge here was the creation of prehistoric world vehicles. I wanted to draw modern cars. At first I did some incorrect examples. It was necessary to think differently. After the feedback I made my first sketches which finally evolved into the final cars that are used in the game.

How much time did it take for you to draw graphics for this game?

I took me about one month and a half to draw graphics for this game. I had enough time to do this work.

Is there anything you would like to advise for other artists who are planning to work on similar game projects?

My best advise is to constantly improve their talent and do not be afraid of mistakes that are made, because they lead to a constant and successful learning.

What do you like most about Tiny Lab Kids games? I like that all Tiny Labs games are really good, they are childish, bright and very cute. I would like to see my daughter playing all these awesome racing games from Tiny Labs.

Thank you, Olga, for your answers!


Now get your mobile device and check out the best Stone Age racing game! Have fun!

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Welcome to the prehistoric caveman ‘s world! Pick your top best car and race in a stone age jungle! Try 4 super fast ancient cars: Formula 32B7, Rubble, Saber-Tooth and Bone-Rock! Race and enjoy traditional fauna and flora of this prehistoric world! Meet lots of cavemen, dinosaurs, huge insects, mammoth, sabretooth and other animals. Play 12 exciting prehistoric jungle racing levels and have lots of fun in fast a driving, high jumps and cool flips!