Western Train Driving Race

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Howdy, cowboy! Hop in the Wild West train, load the wagon and have tons of fun in adventurous train racing game! Get ready for exciting ride and complete different game quests: defeat train robbers, carry passengers, deliver goods and compete with other trains! So, what are you waiting for, cowboy? Hop in the train and race! Yeehaw!


◆ Control unique Wild West trains: Comet, Continental, Wild Mustang, Western Ghost, Desert Shadow, Buffalo Bull, Desperado and Dust Rider.

◆ Compete with other trains and win special prize from a sheriff!

◆ Catch bandits who will try to rob your train.

◆ Deliver gold and pigs to the sheriff.

◆ Carry passengers to the central train station.

◆ Defeat American indians who will attack your train!

◆ Save an old man from abandoned gold mine.

◆ Explore Wild West region and its historical cities by driving on adventurous railway trails, steep hills, dark tunnels, high bridges, abandoned mines and more!

◆ Feel the realistic, physics-based train driving experience.

◆ Enjoy easy and intuitive game controls: click GO button to drive forward and ACTION button to take an action: to load the wagon, carry passengers and more!

◆ Complete 12 challenging levels in this adventurous Wild West train racing game!

◆ The game is created for families but can be easily played by kids too!


Play this adventurous train racing game and stimulate your reaction, learn new skills such as problem solving, quick decision making and flexible thinking, develop fine-motor and working-memory skills, improve self-control and perfect hand-eye coordination.