BEHIND THE GAME. Wiktoria: I couldn't live without an art in my life

Meet Wiktoria - a talented artist from Belarus who created exotic game about Madagascar island - Fun Kid Racing Madagascar. We asked her a few questions about her experience in creating this cute game for kids and toddlers. Feel the summer at your fingertips and read this short interview with this great Tiny Lab Kids artist.

Hello Wiktoria, please shortly introduce yourself.

Hi, I'm Wiktoria Bogdanovich, I'm 26 years old. I live in Belarus, Minsk. I have got a design degree but currently I'm focusing more on art. So for the last year I am mostly creating illustrations, comics, game graphics and sometimes animations. Actually I'm doing a lot of creative stuff: I love attending festivals, dancing, creating and listening for a music and many more. I really could not live without art in my life. It is even better when this hobby can bring some money for me. :)

Wow, it seems like art is really taking a very important part in your life. And what inspires you as an artist?

Mostly things that are around me like nature, people, folk traditions, variuos cultures, music, films and of course another artists, especially those who illustrate children books. I love how they are doing this and that inspires me too!

So created a game for Tiny Lab Kids. Do you like playing games? Maybe you have your favorite one?

Actually I'm not playing games. I am not a very big fan of this. I play games very rarely when I am with my friends, or if I see game graphics which I really like, in this case I play such a game in order to see more of its graphics. My favorite game is Ori and the Blind Forest.

Can you shortly introduce the game you were working on?

The game is called "Fun Kid Racing Madagascar". When I was working on it I had to analyze lots of information about Madagascar island. So during this project I found out a lot about local flora and fauna. It was a big challenge for me to become familiar with this exotic world.

In this game the player can control 4 lemur cars and have a great adventure time there. It was a bit challenging to create unique Madagascar vehicles, but I really liked it, especially the idea with coco boat, it's so funny. I also liked that this game has a lot of bright colors. :)

Sounds great! How much time did it take for you to draw graphics for this game?

It took me about 5 weeks. I think this was quite fast for me knowing that it was my first experience with this kind of a project. I was very nervous about the results, so I spent a lot of time in thinking about the final version of each element. Now, when the game is ready, I feel more confident!

You were quite fast, knowing that it was your time with such a game project. Could you share some tips for people who are planning to work on similar game projects?

Sure, I can give you some! First of all you need to go inside the topic - collect references, watch various videos, look at another graphic materials that was created regarding this topic. It will help you work faster with your materials and help avoid some clichés. Another important thing is a planning. You know the deadline and the number of assets to draw, so the next step is to make your job structure out of it.

Valuable tips! What do you like the most about Tiny Lab Kids games?

I like professional approach in communication, I also very appreciate feedbacks from Tiny Lab Kids art director who helped me to grow pofessionally. As I said it was my first experience in creating game graphics and I'm very grateful for the opportunity Tiny Lab gave me.

Thank you, Wiktoria, for your answers! Want to hear more about this wonderful artist? Check out her profile on Behance where you will find more amazing artworks.


Now get your mobile device and check out best Wiktoria's game! Have fun!


Step into this exotic paradise island of Madagascar full of cute animals, colorful wildlife nature plants and cool safari cars that are controlled by funny lemurs: Boaty-Morty, Le-Mur Safari, Tuk-Tuk, Julien Rickshaw. Pick up your favorite lemur car and race in a wildlife safari island doing high jumps, funny flips, cool stunts and more!

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