BEHIND THE GAME: Michele - an artist inspired by her faith in life

Meet Michele - a talented artist from Brasil who created amazing futuristic game - Cute Robot Car Racing. We asked her few questions about her experience in creating this wonderful game for kids. So get on the couch and relax reading interview about this great Tiny Lab Kids artist.

Hi Michele, please shortly introduce yourself.

Hello! My name is Michele Cavaloti, I’m 36 years old and I work as a 2D concept artist, illustrator and a graphic designer for about 8 years. I love creating worlds beyond imagination, like environments, characters and props that will be used in TV series, games, movies or even advertising. Concept art has been my career and passion ever since. It gives me freedom when I'm awake and even when I'm sleeping. But this involves not only design, it also requires a lot of responsibility and commitment with the project.

Great experience! What art means for you and what inspires you to create such an amazing artworks?

I really like Edgar Vegas thought that "Design is not about what you see, it's about what you want to make others see". And I agree with this 100 percent! When I create an environment or any other artwork I know that I can do whatever I want. It’s quite a big challenge to convey the idea through the image and a great ability to make people to think and feel the way I want them to think and feel. It's kind of a "power" subjective, but with a goal.

And, what inspires me every day? Well, I am inspired by belief and faith in my life, by knowing that there is something beyond us here on earth. I have this strange feeling in my mind and in my body. This is something that I can’t explain but I believe that everyone has it in their hearts. So you must let yourself to hear a little bit more and then the force of the universe will do its part. It’s important to be optimistic in a world where everyone lets you down. I strongly believe in the power of thoughts, we just need to be persistent and not give up on ourselves! We have to do our part in the world, and I'm sure that the world will give you back in the same way. This is what inspires me as an artist.

So the faith and belief are the main sources of your inspiration. And what about the games? Do they inspire you as well? Do you like playing them?

Yes, I love playing games and at the same time I like to observe the art and the concepts of the games I play. It also inspires me a lot! My favorite game is “Rayman”, I just looooooveeeee this game and mostly the art of the environments and characters, it’s so creative and inspiring! Other game that I really like to play is “Child of Light”. I love the art of this game and the watercolor concept.

You already did one game for Tiny Lab Kids. Please introduce it.

I drew game graphics for Cute Robot Car Racing game. And it was awesome to work on this project! This game is about four cute little robots who live in a robot city and race there! In this game player will have to overcome lots of challenges, he will also meet many cute aliens while racing in this game. The game helps to imagine how life would be like if you humans lived in another galaxy.

And what did you like the most about Cute Robot Car Racing game?

I really loved sketching different robots and different cars for this game. When I got this topic, my mind just blew up and I started drawing lots of characters and cars for this game. I even felt that I can hardly stop doing that. Ideas for this game was coming to my head again and again. It was really hard to stop thinking about this game. Another thing that I really liked was the environment. I just love drawing environments and composing what game assets and in what places have to be put so the player would enjoy playing this game.

Did you have any difficulties working on this game?

Well, every project has its own challenges which requires hard working, but this game was kind of an easy one. I really like creating games for kids, that’s why my artworks always have some cute things in it. Anyway, I would say that amount of the time given for the game graphics was the most challenging part there. I had to create a beautiful game graphics in a very short period of time.

And how long you were working on this game?

Roughly, this game took me a couple of weeks. But if I will include the period of sketching then I could say that I was working on this game for about 3 weeks. During this period of time I did all game graphics, like the sketches of the characters, props and environment until the final art and colors. It was a really fast game project.

It seems like you can be a really productive artist. Could you share some tips for people who would like to raise their productivity in the same level as yours?

Yes, I have some. First, every artist has to do a persistent learning on things that can improve his talent. It is really important that this learning could bring him the joy. Second important thing is networking. Artist don’t have to be shy, he must learn from others, other cultures and other languages, he must be humble and be fair with people he meets. Third, artist has to create a site about his own work. He must show everything he've ever done and create a professional email and a profile on Linkedin. Fourth, artist have to create a list of what he want and don’t want to do. It will help to focus on the main goals. Fift, artist should work not only on games but on everything he wants. Such work has to bring peace and fulfilment for the artist. Without this nothing is worth fighting for. So by summarizing my thoughts, I could say that hard work will always beat the talent.

Useful advices! What do you like most about Tiny Lab Kids games?

I had a really great experience with Tiny Lab Kids. They have wonderful game producers/art directors! This company has so many great people, who are very kind and well-organized and in my opinion this is the most important thing in a good relationship with someone who is on the other side of the world. It was a great pleasure to work with this team, and I’m very happy to have Tiny Lab as a client.

Thank you, Michele, for your answers.! Want to hear more about this great artist? Check out her website, meet her on Facebook or find her on ArtStation page where you will see more amazing artworks.


Now get your mobile device and check out best Michele's game! Have fun!


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