BEHIND THE GAME: Alina - a talented artist inspired by fairy tales

Meet Alina - the greatest Tiny Lab Kids artist from Ukraine who brings happiness to children by creating magical games graphics. We asked her a few questions about her experience in creating two amazing games: Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest and Ocean Hero Boat Race Adventure. So cover yourself with a cozy blanket and read this interview about our magical artist Alina.

Hello Alina, please briefly introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Alina Mosienko, I am 28 years old and I live in Ukraine. I have been working as a graphic designer for 2 years, but later on I realized that this job is too boring for my and here I can not develop my creativity the way I want. So I decided to leave. After that for a while I was working as children's book illustrator. Now I am working as 2D artist in company which develops games and applications for various social networks.

It seems like your all experience is closely related to your current job. And what inspires you to create such an amazing game graphics?

I consider myself as a really creative person so this is one of the things that inspires me at most of the time. I also like fairy tales and miracles which gives me inspiration as well!

Your games really look like from fairy tales. Do you have any dreams regarding your current job?

Since my childhood I was dreaming of becoming an animator so I could make all my works alive and in this way bring happiness for people who play my games. Partly this my dream came true. I can see my works moving and interacting with each other and I love it!

And what games brings happiness to you? Do you like playing them?

Yes, of course I like playing games! :) And a as person, who works in the game industry, I am obliged to play games in order to know what`s trending now. I often play puzzle and economical games. I like arcades as well, but currently I have no time for this type of a game, because currently I am fully immersed into my job. The last game I have played is called "Ori and the Blind Forest", it is fascinating game developed by talented artists from all over the world.

It is really important to follow what other game creators do. Please introduce us the games you were working on?

I already created game graphics for two Tiny Lab Kids games. Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest was the first one. This game is about little elves adventures in the magical and a little bit spooky forest. My second game is called Ocean Hero Boat Race Adventure. This game is about 4 kids from Polynesia who sail in the wild ocean near the adventurous Hawaii paradise island

Interesting games! What did you like the most about games you created?

For Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest game I drew everything what I wanted. There were no distinct borders between creativity and art. I've also proposed settings for the games, which I wanted to draw. Thanks to the developers, which took my wishes into account. Ocean Hero Boat Race Adventure was my second game. It was also very easy to work with this game, because I knew exactly what I need to do. I like to draw in this style! Therefore, I had no big difficulties with this game. My husband often tells me: “If you want to succeed at work do that what gives you the most pleasure”. And you know what? He’s right! I do what I love and it goes really well!

So you are happy about the freedom which you have got from Tiny Lab Kids game studio. And what was the most challenging part when working on these games?

I didn't have many difficulties with these games. Probably the most challenging part was not to repeat game elements which I already drew.

Your game graphics look really incredible, they are perfectly made. How much time did it take for you to draw game graphics for each game?

Well, it's hard to count. I usually created game graphics at home during my free time, sometimes it took me all night long. It was difficult, because I was working after my main job hours and after all housework. Probably each game took me about 1,5-2 months.

You did really amazing game graphics! Could you share some tips for people who are planning to work on similar game projects?

My first advice is to create the list of elements you want to draw for the game. The second one - to begin working with general environment and then with additional objects, to have a possibility to compare drawn elements with the environment and location. And third, it`s important to stick to the plan and hold on your setting. So make a special work schedule, which will prevent you from working at nights and will ensure a good sleep.

Useful advices! What do you like most about Tiny Lab Kids games?

Best thing there is that all games are made with love for the children. I like the variety of their games, I also like that there are many moving elements and a story. All this makes the game more interesting and vivid.

Any final thoughts?

I am happy to know this team. They have believed in me and gave me the opportunity to draw games graphics for them. It is easy to work with this team.

Thank you, Alina, for your answers.! Want to hear more about this great artist? Check out Alina's DeviantArt page where you will find more amazing pictures.


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