BEHIND THE GAME: Gjorgi - fast-working artist who created 4 racing games

Meet Gjorgi one of the greatest Tiny Lab Kids freelancers from Macedonia who created even 4 amazing racing games for kids. We asked him a few questions about his experience in creating games. So prepare yourself a cup of tea and enjoy reading this short interview about this fast-working game artist. Don’t forget to check out Gjorgi’s Blog and Youtube channel where you will find lots of amazing art and games projects.

Hello Gjorgi, please tell us about yourself.

Hello, my name is Gjorgi Atanasovski, I am 35 years old and currently I work as a game designer. For the last 7 years I am focusing on characters and game elements creation. I also do animations for some of my drawings.

What a great experience! And what games graphics you already did for Tiny Lab Kids? What do you like most about each game?

My first game project for Tiny Lab Kids was made in May. Since then I already did game graphics for 4 games:

  • Zombie Shooting Race Adventure. This game was my newest game project on which I was working for the last few weeks. Here I had to create a zombie world (that was an easy part) and apocalyptic vehicles (that was a challenge) which all together had to be suitable for kids. And you know what? Kids really loved it! :)

  • Mini Tanks World War Hero Race. This racing game is about 4 little war tanks which drive and shoot obstacles on the battlefield. Even though this game is about racing in a battlefield it keeps being cute and likable by kids (at least what I see from the number of downloads and children around me).

  • Skateboard Racing. In this game you have to choose from 4 kids with skateboards. When I was creating these characters I came to an idea to draw 4 totally different, but at the same time unique and interesting game characters. So I draw ninja skater, traditional skate boy, skater similar to Marty from the Back to the Future movie and extreme skateboard racer. This game is not released yet, but very soon will be. :)

  • Super Hero Race. This game is about 4 heroes with unique superpowers. I really liked creating game graphics for this game. It was also challenging to create something new and at the same time likable by kids. This game is also still in the production process.

So many games. And what was the most challenging part?

Every game had its own challenging parts, but in overall the most challenging thing was that all the time you have to think like a kid and find things that they like. I am really happy to have one at home, so I can test some stuff on my child, show him what I made and wait for his reaction. So it is always a challenge to create a character, vehicles, proper elements and background that will sum up in a cute game likable by kids.

It seems like you are really fast-working artist. What is your secret? How long you were working on each game?

I have a lot of experience in creating game graphics (and a lot of nights without sleep) that’s why I’m so fast. All 4 games took me different period of time to draw, but I think they all were completed in 2-5 weeks. It all depends on how fast I can imagine the game.

That's amazing! What could you advice for people who are planning to work with similar game projects?

Well, there are few things that I would like to share:

  • Try to imagine the game before you start creating.

  • Ask for a list of what you must to draw (it helps to imagine how the game should look like).

  • Do a small research, but dig not too deep because it may affect your art style which eventually may go to the wrong direction.

  • Make a few concepts (which may be hard to create for you) that will flow in the whole game. This will give you the courage to build and create the game.

  • If you want to be good at what you are doing, you have to work 24/7 (before you become dad, then you will have to work 30 hours a day). :)

Thanks for your advices. And the last question, what do you like most about Tiny Lab Kids?

There are two main things that I love about this company:

- First I like how they work and I really appreciate that they are adjusting game topics according to my drawing style.

- Second, this company have developed the most professional relationship with me and that was a good experience for my further talent improvement.

Thank you, Gjorgi, for your answers.


Now get your mobile device and check out best Gorgi's games! Have fun!


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