Tiny Lab Kids team adventures in 'Game On'

On October 29th and 30th, Tiny Lab Kids team participated in the biggest gaming event of the Baltics 'Game On' where presented best and newest mobile games for kids and toddlers!

Tiny Lab Kids team created a cozy 'Games 'N' Rest' room for the smallest conference visitors - kids and their parents. Every visitor had a unique chance to step into the most popular Tiny Lab Kids game 'Fun Kid Racing' and drive their favorite red car in the lovely Fun Kid Racing valley.

Also they were given to play the best and newest Tiny Lab Kids games as Fun Kid Racing Dinosaurs World, Slice the Cheese, Run Cute Little Pony Race Game, RC Toy Cars Race, Halloween Cars: Monster Race, Zombie Shooting Race Adventure and more!

Game culture show brought together over 12 thousand people from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other neighboring countries. During event visitors had an opportunity to try out the newest PC and mobile games, different devices, step into virtual reality world, watch Cosplay show, follow various esports tournaments, attend interesting lectures and more!

Interesting fact: during the conference Tiny Lab Kids team members Iveta, Valdas and Evaldas won one of the 'Overwatch' tournaments! Hurray!!!

Tiny Lab Kids team would like to thank to all 'Game On' conference visitors, participants and organizers for such a great event! :)

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