Tiny Lab Kids Games Featured on AppLiv!

Happy to share that even 5 Tiny Lab Kids games Motorcycle Racer - Bike Games, Emergency Car Racing Hero, Safari Motocross Racing, Fun Kid Racing City Builder and Fun Kid Racing Dinosaurs World are reviewed in app discovery platform Appliv!

Motorcycle Racer - Bike Game review on Appliv!

Feel the challenge of overcoming various obstacles such as huge boulders, piles of cars, and other surprising objects. Excite yourself as you speed towards flaming rings and perform death-defying leaps, while at the same time, pulling off some awesome aerial flips and maneuvers!

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Emergency Car Racing Hero game review on Appliv!

Your kid can enjoy fighting fires, crime, and diseases through respective worlds. Each world hosts six levels as your youngster selects to drive one of four starting vehicles. Simple button controls are present for them to easily drive towards flaming areas, injured people, and chase crooks. While racing towards the level's goal, your child will have fun overcoming diverse obstacles and performing amazing aerial tricks!

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Safari Motocross Racing game review on Appliv!

Let your youngster select one from the initial four swift off-road motorcycles. A press of the yellow button or the screen is all they need, to enjoy racing with other bikers towards the finish line. Your little one will feel the rush to catch air and do circular flips while meeting tall giraffes, running ostriches, and even a gazelle racer!

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Fun Kid Racing City Builder game review on Appliv!

Select one of four construction vehicles that your youngster would like to race with Handy the maintenance truck, Rolly the cement mixer, Lifty the bulldozer, and Dumpy the dump-truck. With just one finger, your kid can tap and hold the forward button or the screen to accelerate the vehicle toward the finish line. Watch him or her overcome liquid concrete, cross metal beams, and even dig underground areas with glee.

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Fun Kid Racing Dinosaurs World game review on Appliv!

There are four initial rides that your kid can race with: "Beast," "Dinolorean," "Mean Machine," and "Steve." Your child can enjoy going through rocks, bones, magma, and other obstacles by pressing either the wooden button, or the screen. Your little one will be glad to see various dinosaurs species from the small Velociraptors to the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex!

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